Since the outbreak of Covid 19, society has changed with many businesses now being required to enforce strict physical distancing policies. Only allowing a limited number of customers entry to a building at once, means that queuing outside open to the whims of the great British weather, is quickly becoming our ‘new normal’.

The Qshelter has been created as a quick to install, compact and inexpensive solution allowing the public to queue in comfort, irrespective of harsh sunshine or torrential downpours.

The Qshelter is a free- standing, temporary structure designed to be installed with minimal disruption to business, requiring no drilling, digging nor heavy plant.

It provides a durable, functional and stylish covered queuing solution that offers both shade and a wet weather covering. The highly effective canopy is made from fully waterproof and UV blocking fabric engineered to resist the extremes of British weather, all year round.

Choosing to install the Qshelter displays a very clear message about a business’s care and commitment to their customers.

Q Shelters are designed, engineered and manufactured here in the UK. They are delivered by Arc Structures, manufactured by OMS and engineered by Artura Design and Engineering – all leaders in their fields, each with unrivalled experience. Installation is handled by our highly skilled team, who are used to working in all kinds of environments, with safety always paramount and a commitment to excellence in our standards.


Structure designed to British Standard Engineering codes:
  • BS EN1991-1-4 Wind loads
  • BS EN13782 Temporary Structures
  • BS EN1991-1-1 Design of Aluminium Structures
Fabric flame retardant to:
  • BS 7837
  • B-S2-d0 – Euro Standard EN 13501-1

QShelters Uses

  • Retail park
  • High Street
  • Town Centre
  • Shopping Arcade
  • Urban centre
  • Transport Hub
  • Commercial office
  • Parks and amenities
  • Theme Park
  • Cinema
  • Visitor Attraction
  • National Trust
  • Public Space
  • Bus shelter
  • Pub
  • Restaurant
  • Theatre
  • Box Office